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The Data Management Tool You’ve Been Waiting For.

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Messy Data Messing with Your Head?

Databases can quickly spiral into an incomprehensible, confusing tangle.

Separate, incompatible databases. Chaotic archiving. Limited functionalities. All of this can prevent you using your data to achieve your goals – which is why you started collecting it in the first place.

Observato makes monitoring your data accurately easier than ever.


Thinking About Making the Move to BigData?

BigData is the word on everybody’s lips.

If you’re thinking about scaling up, Observato can act as a bridge between old databases and new BigData systems.

We make sure that the transition from old to new goes as smoothly as it possibly can.


Data Regulations Keeping You Up At Night?

If so, you’re hardly the first.

Increased industry regulations and audits, as well as severe fines and repercussions for compliance lapses, put you and your organisation at significant risk.

Observato has been specifically designed to help compliance officers satisfy data regulations in a wide variety of industries.