"In essence, compliance functions are still spending a disproportionate amount of time collecting data, versus time spent adding strategic value to the business through analysing and trending the data collected."

Nicole Sandford, Partner and National Practice Leader for Enterprise Compliance, Deloitte and Touche.

Data should allow you to get ahead

But often data is too complicated to easily turn into analytics reports and intelligence. Because of this, many organisations turn to specialist providers in order to get high-quality data reports. Observato allows you to do this for yourself, in-house. By abstracting your data, and displaying data in a way that anybody can understand, Observato makes creating detailed, customised reports straight forward.


Remove the scheme dependency

In modern data based system there is a strong dependency on the underlying data scheme. This create an overhead pulling data and running analytincs. The reason is you have to gain intimate knowledge of the different objects structure (tables) , how they are connected (joins) and how to reconstruct a meaningful data set (query).

Observato eliminate all that by collecting data in a schemalless fassion so all your objects are collected in the same way and one query can look at them all.

Observato allow easy objects exploration, you can look at the organic structure of each object and decide what information is relevant for your report, filter on that and explore the results.


BI tools are based on a programmatic stage were each report is designed and coded prior to user be able to us it. Observato comes with a set of generic reports that can be filtered and saved for reuse and don’t require any coding or configuration.


See how to generate useful reports for yourself

Generating reports is easy and quick. Observato allow any user to explore available data and generate charts and data reports in real time. No coding required.

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