"The role of an IT department needs to change. It needs to become more of a strategic enabler and much more involved information management, governance of information, as well as organisational change."

Martin Ferguson,Head of policy, Socitm.

IT is increasingly being recognised as a department that deserves a seat at the board table. IT professionals often have knowledge and expertise that can help drive an organisation’s development. And many organisations are not tapping into this.

One of the biggest reasons why IT departments are not able to achieve their potential is their being time poor.

Departments that are strapped for time are not able to think strategically and progressively. And one of the biggest drains on your IT department’s time is requests for support and help.


When it comes to data management, IT professionals often have to help other employees with what should be simple tasks. But data is often presented so technically and incomprehensibly that users aren’t able to understand it and are too wary to try.

Observato enables all of your employees to read and understand your data easily. This means that IT is free to pursue more strategic operations.


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Observato provides a new way to track changes to your data in real time, saves you space, and makes data management more efficient.

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